Follistim and ovidrel and timed intercourse

Follistim and ovidrel and timed intercourse

Hi -Just wanted to let you know that I'm on your cycle! This is my first time with Injectibles and Ovidrel. (We, too, did timed intercourse.)
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Success with Clomid/Follistim/Ovidrel Perfect baby girl born 11.26.08. 4 cycles Follistim and timed intercourse 3 cycles IUI with Follistim *** Moved (again) and love my.

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Hi, I'm new here but I just wanted to see if anyone has any experience with this combination or a similar one. A little background on our situation - my husband and I.

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I am doing follistim with timed intercourse and they monitored my follicles until they we mature.. Here IUI wasnt successful that time but when you take the ovidrel or.

Follistim and ovidrel and timed intercourse femara with ovidrel - MedHelp

femara with ovidrel - MedHelp Ovidrel [Archive] - PCOSupport Community Forums TTC with Injectables and Timed Intercourse - Infertility. Follistim discussions (experiences, side effects, dosages, etc...) Femara vs. Femara + Follistim - PCOS Message Board Ovulation Induction, Fertility Treatments, Infertility solutions. .
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